In 1964 Michele the son of Pietro Ferrero updated a version of Supercrema a popular product sold by Ferrero since 1946 and re-named it Nutella. The ingredients were cocoa, hazelnut paste and sugar. He chose the name Nutella for the following reason Nut is the word in english and the combination of ella

was pleasing to the ear. Ecco Nutella.


Today Nutella is known worldwide as the most popular chocalate spread. It is used with bread, cookies, fruit, ice crean etc. Nutella is recognized the world over.

 Che mondo sarebbe senza Nutella?  


During the end of WW II due to the destruction and ruin of Italy a new movie genre was formed called Il Neorealismo. Italy’s main studio for filming was outside of Rome in Cinecitta’.

Due to the utter ruin of Italy money for actors, sets,  and equpiment  were unavailable. Thus directors like Rosselini De Sica and others took to the streets of Rome to film their scenes.

In addition, due to the lack of funds they could not pay actors so they

found people who were non-actors to perform these real to life stories in stark B&W films . Movies like Ladri di Biciclette,  Roma Citta’ Aperta and others are true gems not only of Italian cinema but of  world cinema. Do yourself a favor and sit down and watch one of these films. I promise the time will be well spent.        

San Remo is the grand festival of music in Italy. It’s more than the Grammys. It includes all forms of culture including art and literature and film.Irene Grandi first appeared at San Remo in 1994. Her latest single is found below.

Enjoy this amazing song from this amazing artist IRENE GRANDI. Tu sei stupenda!!!!!!!

La Gioconda is the famous painting Mona Lisa which was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The name Gioconda comes from the last name of the model who sat for Da Vinci. Her husband was Signor Giocondo thus she be came La Gioconda. When you study Italian you discover that there is always gender and number ( male/female and singular/plural).

 In general when a word ends in the letter “O” it is masculine/ singular.  Il libro ( book)

When the word ends in the letter “A” it is feminine/singular. La penna ( pen ) . When the word ends in the letter “I” it is masculine/plural I libri ( books). When the word ends in the letter “E” it is feminine/plural le penne ( pens). Thus the reason we call some pastascuitta penne because they look like little pens.

By the way pasta in Italian is a sweet which you purchase in una pasticceria. Pastascuitta is define as  ( gli spaghetti, le lasagne, e le penne).

I would like to draft a simple greeting in Italian for you when you arrive and meet the locals.




Come ti chiami?

Mi chiamo Giorgio.E tu?

Mi chiamo Stefania? Come stai?

Sto bene . E tu?


Buona giornata.

Buona giornata. 

People come to Rome for many reasons but one of the most important reasons is to see the glory of the Roman Empire. When you see the ancient monuments its astounding that after all these years these building almost speak to you within their walls. Il Colosseo , Il Foro Romano e Il Circo Massimo. These are the sights

that take the tourist to another time and place. When you first see the Colisseum

you marvel at this 2000 year old design that is till being copied in the world today by world-renowned architects. Just think for a moment what will future generations think of our greatest artistic triumphs in the future. Just sit relax and enjoy Il Colosseo.

The Italian alphabet has 6 vowels : a,e,i,o, u and H. Acca is the letter “H”. An example of this is l’hotel.

The “h” is silent in Italian. Other words starting with H are Ho = I have and hovercraft. Incidentally, if you travel from Napoli to Capri your transportation method  will be andare con hovercraft.  

Il bar in Italy is not just for adults like in the USA. Il bar offers pastry, Panini, soft drinks, beer, wine, liquor ,fruit juices etc.

Il bar is a place to meet and converse and relax to talk with friends both young and old. It’s a place to read about the latest soccer results

politics, music and the arts. When you order un caffe’ at the bar there are 2 prices. If you drink your caffe’ at al banco like the Italians it may cost

1,50 euro if you have un caffe’ a tavolo the cost may be 2,50 euro. Why the difference in price? At the table you must pay extra for the table

setting including waiter service at al banco it is less from the barista. Next time you go to un bar prende a caffe’ al banco.

Il primo gennaio

 Buon Anno e tanti auguri a tutti!


Buon Natale e spero la pace e la felcita’ per tutti.